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Z Drainz Wet Wading Socks

Z Drainz Wet Wading Socks

Introducing Z-Drainz Gravel Guard Technical Wet-Wading Socks: The Ultimate Protection for All Your Water Adventures!


Key Features:


1. Built-in Gravel Guard: Our innovative design includes a built-in gravel guard that effectively sheds water, gravel, and muck. Say goodbye to annoying debris getting inside your boots or shoes.


2. Enhanced Grip: The inside of the gravel guard is thoughtfully designed with a special grip, ensuring that it stays firmly in place, even in strong currents. You can focus on your activity without any distractions.


3. Reinforced Lace Hook: Experience worry-free wading with our reinforced lace hook, which prevents the guard from lifting or loosening. Feel confident in every step, no matter how challenging the conditions may be.


4. Mid-Calf Height: With a mid-calf height, these socks offer optimal coverage and protection, safeguarding your feet from potential hazards and ensuring a secure fit.


5. Easy Maintenance: We understand your need for convenience, which is why our wet-wading socks are machine washable and dryable. Keep them clean and ready for your next adventure with minimum effort.


Advanced Fabric Technology:


Crafted with 3mm neoprene and integrating our exclusive Z-Drainz footbed technology, these socks excel in draining and pushing out water. Rest assured that your feet will stay warm and comfortable, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your outdoor pursuits.


Versatile Sizing Options:


Our wet-wading socks are versatile and can be easily paired with your favorite wading boots or, if preferred, you can go a size up to accommodate hiking shoes. The choice is yours, and we aim to provide you with the perfect fit for your specific needs.


Invest in quality. Rely on Z-Drainz Gravel Guard Technical Wet-Wading Socks to elevate your outdoor experience and ensure the utmost protection for your feet. Shop now and embrace the water with confidence!


UK Sizes: S (6-7), M (7-9), L (9-11), XL (11-12), 2XL (12-13)

    VAT Included
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