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"Flychiatrist" - Ambassadors, Guides and Influencers that promote fly fishing as a way to improve mental health, on and off the water.

Meet Wading Waters Flychiatrists:

DR Bio Image_edited.jpg

Guide and member of ‘Leek and District Fly Fishing Club’ in Derbyshire.


I started fishing from an early age, taking great pleasure fishing local streams together with my brother.  Although it wasn't until 2014 that I was introduced to fly fishing by a friend of mine.  Since then, I have studied the art of fly fishing and it’s many disciplines. Slowly learning and developing the skills and techniques required to fly fish any water, in any conditions, worldwide. 


I mostly fish the rivers of the Peak District, with occasional tours around the UK. Spending days fishing different places and developing new methods.   I spent 2 years living in Bozeman, Montana and enjoyed fishing the surrounding rivers winding downstream in a drift boat or pushing through the current in waders.


To fish my rivers, I need the right flies. These flies I tie myself, through the same determined study and practice I applied to fly fishing. 


My PB River Brown trout - 3lb 14oz and PB River Grayling - 3lb 4oz


For me, There is no better feeling than reading a piece of water, matching the hatch and finishing it off by casting your own fly to a fish of a lifetime. 


Favourite Technique:    Small Stream Dry Fly. 

Favourite rod:                8'6 4 weight

Favourite fly:                  Soft Hackle CDC

Favourite Hatch:            Blue Winged Olive

Favourite species:         Grayling

Adam profil Pic.jpg

Guide for the ‘Peacock Fly Fishing Club’ in Derbyshire.


Favourite quote: “Most rising fish are caught with meticulous observation”. 


My fly fishing addiction started over a decade ago casting dries to small stream trout across England and Wales. The goal was simple back then, catch a fish before the farmer or the bull figured out you were there! 


Adventure and variety kept the youthful me hungry for the sport. One day I’d be up in the Welsh mountains fishing peaty streams, the next day I’d be on lazy lowland river somewhere hundreds of miles away.   Over those years I’ve filled my head with nymphing, stillwaters, streamers, wet flies and a whole heap of other disciplines. Only dry fly fishing has occupied my heart though. 


If there’s a chance of picking out a rising fish then you best believe everything else but the dry fly gear stays at home.   I’ve never been an angler satisfied by numbers, nor am I particularly interested in the biggest fish either. I crave moments in my fly fishing. Flat water, summer spinner falls and sipping fish. Moments I love sharing with close friends nowadays.


In fact, I quite often find more joy in helping others to catch special fish than I do doing it myself.

Favourite Waters:         Derbyshire Wye

Favourite Technique:    Dry Fly Stalking

Favourite Rod:               10ft 4 weight

Favourite Fly:                 Small CDC

Favourite Hatch:            March Browns

Chad profil Pic.jpg

Guide for the ‘Peacock Fly Fishing Club’ in Derbyshire.


Fishing since 11 years old on canals and stillwaters for coarse fish, I then traveled the country in pursuit of carp and barbel.  In 2007 I qualified as a level 2 coarse angling coach, where I met a fly angler, who challenged me to catch on the fly! After catching two fish on the day out with him, I immediately took up fly fishing, which is where my passion lies now. I then qualified as a game angling coach in 2010.

Most memorable catches, my first salmon, 19lb+, my first UK 40lb carp at 42lb 8oz, my PB Barbel of 16lb 15oz, the Derwent record at the time, and a 12lb sea trout in 2021 which gave me the most memorable fight (from a fish), and an hour to land.


Now I spend all my angling hours guiding on the rivers and still waters of Derbyshire.  

Favourite Waters:         Rivers Wye,



Favourite Method:        Dry fly!

Favourite Rod:              8ft3 3 weight

Favourite Fly:                Elk hair caddis

PH Bio Image_edited.jpg

Guide for the ‘Halifax and Ryburn Fishing Club’ in West Yorkshire.

Since starting fly fishing at the age of around 13 and caught my first fish, I never looked back. Starting out on small still waters and reservoirs I soon worked my way onto rivers, which is where my true passion lies. 


For me a few hours on a river catching beautiful wild brown trout and grayling is pure bliss.    

Fishing days out with friends are always something I look forward too as you always learn something new!


Also an ambassador for Fulling Mill, I take great pleasure in tying my own flies to fool these fish with and there is no better feeling than tempting one with a “new creation” 


I’m a guide on my local river, the Calder which is something I love doing, showing new and experienced anglers our sport and sharing tips and knowledge they can take with them on their next trip. 

Favourite waters:       Gods own country’s rivers, the Calder and Aire 

Favourite fly:               CDC Sedge

Favourite method:      Dry Fly! 

Favourite rod:              9ft 3wt

SDALLAS BIo Photo.jpg

Experienced Angler and Expert Fly Tyer in Scotland


My first time fishing was in a small pond near home at 8 yrs old.  I always remember that I thought I was the bee's knees fishing back then. I fished a hand-made rod made by my father which was the perfect size for me.  It was the start of my addiction to fishing. Every minute I had available was spent nagging my father or uncle to take me fishing. 

In order to finance my habits, i started selling bacon and eggs and washing cars just to get my next fly or gear, which gradually turned into a fishing and fly tying addiction.  We all know the cost to have both these as addictions as a teenager.

31 years down the river and I'm enjoying the sport more than ever, I have been tying my own flies for as long as I can remember.  I have fly fished all over Scotland, England, Wales, Sweden and had the privilege to fish the rocky mountains in Colorado, a trip that will never be forgotten.

I create art with feathers which has led me to gaining several well known fly tying brand sponsorships.  My next goal is to mentor my son and daughter into the sport because nothing excites me more than combining the two loves of my life.... Fly Fishing and Family. (not necessarily in that order)

Favourite waters:       River Nith Scotland 

Favourite fly:               Dallas Caddis

Favourite method:      Euro Nymphing

Favourite rod:              11ft 3wt

SSHORROCK BIO photo 2_edited.jpg

Expert Fly Tyer and Member of 'Peacock Fly Fishing Club' in Derbyshire

Relatively new to the fly scene, having spent many years competing in coarse fishing matches, the fly fishing bug has well and truly taken over Steven.  Taken under the wing by some great tiers that have helped him develop to where he is today.  And where is that?

Steven has  a passion for fly tying and specialises in tactical nymphs and dry flies.  He is good, so much so, that in the short time that he has indulged the habit, he has become an ambassador for Veniards and is on the Partridge of Redditch commercial team.  He has been invited to a number of open days for clubs and shops as well as key events around the country such as BFFI and The Irish Fly Fair.

The main stay of his fishing is based around Staffordshire and Derbyshire where he spends most of his time during trout season on the River Wye, Derwent, Dove & Lathkill hunting for their wild Brown Trout and Rainbows.  During winter his focus shifts to in and around Wales on the Dee, Wye and Severn targeting trophy Grayling.


It is all about wild fish for me and I have started going further a field to Bosnia in chase of them in the last couple of years.

Favourite waters:       River Wye, Derwent, Usk

Favourite fly:               Pearly Butt Quilled Emerger

Favourite method:      Dry Fly

Favourite rod:              9ft 4wt

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