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Douglas Outdoors did not evolve from a pre-existing enterprise. It was an entirely new initiative, that sought out the most experienced practitioners to push the limits of both the science and practice of angling. In 2014, a legendary conservation family got together with  industry leaders in design & engineering to develop a fishing equipment company with a fresh approach to the market.  

The company’s philosophy was to avoid the mass produced, high volume, low cost rods and reels and to fully focus on performance. Douglas Outdoors was formed with the true angler in mind. Our products are made for like minded individuals, who hold a particular level of quality in their fishing equipment— in high regard. Together, we will raise the expectations angler’s should expect of their equipment! We will do so through componentry, design, engineering, craftsmanship, customer service and in-turn fishing performance.


We recognize the impact that fishing has in the lives of anglers. Whether it is the soulful solo expeditions or the days out with particular family members— truly memorable experiences are made in nature and on the water. It is this realization that keeps us motivated. It is why we love what we do. It is why we will continue to raise the bar to develop fishing products that exceed anglers expectations and assist in strengthening their confidence and skills.

Founded by Jim Murphy, former president of Hardy North America.  One of the most well known characters in the Fly fishing sector, Murphy worked at Thomas & Thomas, before founding Redington Fly Company, the Albright Tackle company and the Landing Creek OEM Company between 1995 and 2008.  He was then at Hardy North America for 5 years.


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