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our story

Cling Fishing Products is a result of the utmost passion for the Fly Fishing Industry. Every member of our team, has an unmatched love for the outdoors. Our free time is frequently spent in the mountains, lakes, and rivers of the greater Bozeman and Yellowstone area, which is why starting a business to express our love for the outdoors was the perfect fit.


We strive to make the best products for those that share our passion for the outdoors, and all the fish in its waters, and hope that we can make your experience in the great outdoors just that much better.  

The Cling Guarantee
At Cling Fishing Products, we move in stride toward making fantastic products, that not only look great, but work great too. Our products are developed, tested, and utilized on the banks of Montana's blue ribbon trout streams by our team to ensure quality of the highest degree.


Which is why you can rest easy knowing your products were made by those who truly care about form, function, and art.

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