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Origin II - Click 0-3wt

Origin II - Click 0-3wt

New for 2023 is the lightest fly reel that we have ever designed and produced. The Origin II Click Series is the perfect small stream fly reel that offers clean modern aesthetics with a much loved click and pawl drag system.

Our approach was to take our renowned Origin II design and strip it right down to give avid small-stream anglers that super lightweight fly reel with the same standard of quality that you can expect from RFF.

The same DNA-themed design ethos can also be seen in the Origin II Click, we added a hoop on the spool for extra strength and to give it a slightly more classical look. We specially tuned the sound of the click & pawl system to hit that perfect note, whether it is during retrieval or when a fish takes a longer run. It really does get the blood pumping hearing the distinct sound of a clicker reel screaming.

Tipping the scales at only 79 grams the Origin II is perfectly sized and weighted to pair up with most 0-3wt fly rods.

We look forward to sharing our passion for small stream fly fishing with you with this latest edition of the Origin II fly reel range.

Dimensions For The Origin II – Click Series

Spool Outer Diameter |  83mm

Spool Inner Diameter |  48mm

Spool Width |  24mm

Spool Inner Width |  19mm

Width Excluding Handle | 30mm

Physical Weight | 79 grams

    VAT Included
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