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Origin II - 5.6.7

Origin II - 5.6.7

The Origin II delivers the latest in design tolerances, size, and functionality and incorporates our beautifully smooth sealed carbon drag system.


This helical-inspired design creates a unique style of fly reel that also does away with traditional spool hoops to really showcase our vision. A spool hoop reduces backing drying time and removes unnecessary weight on lighter fly reels.


The drag system has been optimized for minimal free spooling as well as remaining exceptionally smooth with ultra low startup inertia.  Tipping the scales at a mere 138g while still housing sealed drag shows just how far we went to the reel light but still extremely strong and durable.


The slim side profile was a key functional design we chose as a thinner profile result in less bulk, more balance, and better handling. The thinner profile houses a deep V-shaped spool that can carry ample backing and aids in an exceptionally quick retrieve.


The Origin II 5.6.7wt makes for an ideal Euro and Czech nymphing reel due to its lightweight nature, full frame design, oversized thin arbor, and exceptionally silky smooth drag system. 



Complete Specifications For The Origin II 5.6.7


Line Weight  |  5.6.7

Retrieval  |  Left Or Right Handed  |  Tool Free Design To Change Spools And Retrieval Direction

Fully CNC Machined  |  6061 Grade Aluminium

Full Frame Design  |  Eliminates Tippet Passthrough and Improves Rigidity  |  Excellent For Euro/Czech Nymphing

Spool Design  |  Large Arbor  |  Deep V-shape for additional Backing Capacity  |  Narrow Design Aids in Keeping a Slim Profile on your Fly Rod  |  Oversized Diameter

Frame Colour  |  Matt Grey

Spool Colour  |  Totally Teal  |  Candy Red  |  Royal Gold  |  Deep Blue  |  Tangerine  |  Green Envy

Use  |  Fresh & Salt Water Safe

Drag  |  Sealed Waterproof Carbon Based Multilayer Discs

Sound  |  Audible Click On Both Retrieval And Outgoing Drag

Infinite Anti-reverse  |  One-way Barrel Clutch

Perfectly Balanced Counter-weight To Over-Sized Handle

Hard-Anodized Type II Matt Finishes

Protection  |   RFF Grey Neoprene Reel Pouch

Designed In South Africa



Dimensions  & Weight For The Origin II 5.6.7wt

Outer Spool Diameter  |  101mm

Inner Spool Diameter  |  50mm

Inner Spool Width  |  21mm

Physical Weight  |  138 grams


    VAT Included
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