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Adams XTZ Nymphing Rods

Adams XTZ Nymphing Rods

ADAMS XTZ … Feel the Difference

From the very moment we held the first sample of the new XTZ rod blanks in our hands, we knew that the design process had turned it into a masterpiece.

To do this exceptional blank justice, we had to find some of the highest quality rod components available on the market to compliment its qualities to build an outstanding euronymphing rod. Each of the components was chosen for its special features and contributes to the overall performance.

Let’s have a closer look at the individual components to be able to appreciate the finalized product:


XTZ rods come in three different lengths, 10 foot, 10.6 foot or 11 foot for line weight #2 with a medium fast action.

“X-TorZion Technology” allows us to build thinner, stiffer and more lightweight blanks than ever before. This innovative technology combines 6 separate ultra thin layers of high modulus Japanese nano carbon material, applied at varying angles of 45 degrees which neutralize torque and increase rod performance – it can be felt when casting the line, drifting the nymph and playing any fish.

XTZ’s main features are increased sensitivity, reactivity and a perfect balance. The blank has a smooth but very quick tip recovery with a « crisp » backbone. The tip section has enough stiffness for a positive and controlled hook set, while the amazing amount of rod flex will protect the lightest of tippets, even when fighting trophy fish.

Applying the advantages of “X-TorZion Technology” into a line of rod blanks, we have opted for a « medium fast action » blank, for a deeper flexing blank, enabling the angler effortless, controlled and delicate presentations of even very small, lightweight nymph patterns and great casting when switching to a dry fly setup.

Dyed-in-the wool euronymphing purists will benefit from the unsanded « spiral wrap finish» of the XTZ blank, as „mono rigs“ can be subject to annoying line stick with sanded and painted blanks under rainy conditions; the spiral wrap finish will counteract this effectively.

What hat sets the XTZ apart from all other nymphing rods in the business, are…:


in collaboration with CFX composite grips we have designed an innovative fly rod handle with an ergonomic shaped grip incorporating a natural carbon fiber sparkle and shine textured finish; it looks great and feels even better. XTZ carbon fiber handles are extremely strong under compression while still retaining flex under load.

Euronymphing techniques require the rod to be extremely sensitive in order to detect even the most cautious bites, cork being an insulating material by virtue, it will absorb energy thus making it poor at transmitting resonance from the blank.

Since „CFX Vibra Core material“, located inside the XTZ handle, is a vibration-amplifying material, not an insulator, XTZ handles are extremely resonance-sensitive. The ergonomic shape of our carbon fiber handles transitions nicely to


To concur with all Adams nymphing rod series, we have mounted a down-locking reel seat in order to obtain perfect balance from the mass of the fly reel.

The CNC-machined 6061-T6-aluminum reel seat is sourced from ALPS Rod Components, known for their innovative designs and high-end quality products.

The reel seat includes comes with a CFX Composite Grips carbon fiber insert with the same finish and properties of the XTZ carbon handle.

We have designed the fighting butt both to provide added comfort when playing a fish and to act as a counterweight. As we have added mass to the fighting butt, it was paramount to reduce the weight of another important component:


XTZ rods use ultra-lightweight single foot Black Pearl PVD-finished Recoil Guides, the most lightweight and durable guides available. Recoil guides are made of a special, extremely hard-wearing and smooth nickel-titanium alloy.

The inherent physical properties of Recoil guides include extreme light weight, crucial in building overall lightweight tip section, with substantially reduced swing weight resulting in a faster rod recovery, hence less counterflex for optimal casting precision. We are using ten single foot guides and one snake guide right placed next to the tiptop guide to help ease the fly line/leader knot through the guides.

The XTZ being a pure euronymphing rod, we chose to place the stripping guide just about 20 cm above the handle to reduce line snag to a minimum. With occurring line friction of stiff monofilament lines, Seaguide ceramic stripping guides. Avoid the line abrasion to a minimum.


XTZ rods are well protected in a black, triangular Cordura-covered PVC rod tube with divider and a shoulder strap. According to our Pro-Staff members and a host of customers, this is a much more pragmatic choice versus over a plain, round carbon fiber or aluminum rod tube.

ModelLineLengthTube lengthWeightRod ActionXTZ 10,0#210,0 ft

305 cm88 cm

4 pcs rod89Medium Fast ActionXTZ 10,6#210,6 ft

323 cm91 cm

4 pcs rod91Medium Fast ActionXTZ 11,0#211 ft

335 cm95 cm

4 pcs rod99Medium Fast Action

    VAT Included
    +/- 2 weeks
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