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Salmo Trutta - Z Series 1.0 Neoprene Pant

Salmo Trutta - Z Series 1.0 Neoprene Pant

Z Series 1.0 Neoprene Navy Pant - Unisex


Introducing the newest addition to our family of brands.  The very popular and technical Backcountry Skinz Neoprene Z series compression pants in Salmo Trutta Blue !


Our pants offer a thin but durable 1 mm neoprene middle layer with a modified soft inner nylon layer to wick away sweat and prevent chafing, making it extremely comfortable and giving it an ergonomic fit.


These pants also come with adjustable drawstrings, dual conformed pockets, four-way stretch, and a compression fit for extra support and superior waterproof capabilities. In addition, this pant is great for all climate situations, including wet wading/paddling in the mountains, fishing the surf and flats. Get your new-to-the-game 1.0 Salmo Trutta BlueCompression Pants today!



With two series in the lineup, 1.0 and 2.0, they have been designed to cater for all outdoor enthusiasts.  During outdoor activities, running temperatures vary person to person,  If you tend to run cold, consider the 2.0, if you run hotter, then the 1.0 is your choice.  In most cases we believe the 1.0 pant is the ideal all-climate solution, built for the water.


Our 1.0 Z Series pant offers unbeatable protection and comfort on the rivers. With a durable fabric to protect against any bushes, bugs and rocks on your journey, these pants are built to last. 


The unique compression fit offers maximum support and ease of movement while wading, allowing you cut water easily while crossing rivers. This fit also regulates the temperature of your legs, so you stay comfortable no matter the water temperature. The 4 way stretch ensures your legs are unrestricted, making it easier than ever before to tackle the toughest terrain.


These pants are designed for convenience as well as performance, being lightweight and packable so you don't take too much space in your bag. And to make things even better, the 1.0 Z Series pant also comes at an affordable price, making it the perfect choice for any outdoorsman.



- Durable 1 mm neoprene 

- Soft inner nylon lining 

- Four-way stretch 

- Dual pockets

- Adjustable drawstring 

- Trutta/Navy design


Ideal for:

- Wet wading/wading

- Kayak/SUP fishing 

- Hiking/backpacking 

- Base layer (e.g. Under Waders for deep winter)

- Watercraft 


See Sizing Chart in images,

    VAT Included
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